Our Objectives

Overall Objective

To facilitate the institutional and management capacity building of the NGO sector for its efficient and effective provision of services to the respective communities.

Specific Objectives

    • To formulate and deliver capacity building programs for the institutional strengthening.
    • To develop a panel of competent Resource Persons and consultants at National and Regional Level.
    • Undertake to Develop and conduct Training programs, Workshops, Seminars, Field Studies and Consultancy Services for Voluntary, Government and other Development Agencies.
    • To Develop and update training manuals.
    • To Produce and develop training materials.
    • To liaise with NNAF who develop Policy and Advocacy matters related to NGO Sector.
    • To function as a Resource Centre in the Development Field by providing Guidance and Management Information.
    • To function as the Focal Point of the Development Sector Organizations’/Communities in Networking with relevant National and International Agencies.
    • To develop the Capacity of Management Development Center in Advocacy, Training, Consultancy and Research.